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Eighty-eight percent of U.S. households purchased organic food and beverages in the last year, according to Nielsen.
ROCKVILLE, MD. — Consumers are becoming more health-conscious and knowledgeable about product ingredients, but they aren’t shunning confectionery in the process.
Over the past several years, the term “natural” has appeared on everything from cereal bars containing as much sugar as candy to oats boasting the “all-natural” unlisted ingredient of glyphosate herbicide. These “natural foods” are anything but...
Scientists have developed what they describe as a "low-cost, portable, paper-based sensor" that can be used to produce "smart labels" that detect food spoilage and contamination.
Nine-in-ten consumers believe the food industry has a responsibility to provide them with a healthy diet but consumers are also mistrustful of the sector as a source of nutritional information, a new study reveals.
In order to be considered "natural," food products must be free from preservatives as well as artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners, according to an online survey of 5,175 people from 10 countries by GNT Group.
'Silent' product reformulation, where own-brand food products are modified without explicitly making the consumer aware, may be effective in reducing calorie consumption, say Danish researchers.
Food and beverage manufacturers must work with the government and other stakeholders to overcome significant, but not insurmountable, challenges if they want to use QR codes or other digital technology to convey when products include genetically modified..
Like mosquitoes on a summer evening, lawsuits on the use of the term “natural” are stinging food companies. While it’s been suggested that an excess of regulations is suppressing industry growth, this is one instance where a regulatory definition might hel
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