From news on FDA regulations and compliance, to insights from our thought leaders — like tips for executing the changes on your brand’s packaging — you’ll find it all here.
Follow these 7 steps to turn the required Nutrition Facts Update redesign into a consumer-pleasing recipe for packaging success.
By now, it’s no secret that we waste billions of tons of food every year. There are a lot of factors contributing to our food waste problem, but one that’s easy to fix is the date that companies print on packaged foods.
Conscious consumers won't have to wait much longer for clear guidance on how to buy food and other products that are not only certified organic, but also certified regenerative.
Eighty-eight percent of U.S. households purchased organic food and beverages in the last year, according to Nielsen.
Refreshed design and relevant information will help consumers make healthy food choices.
How is it possible a sugary cereal could be considered healthy but not almonds, avocados and salmon?
For the first time in nearly 20 years, the FDA is proposing updates to its iconic Nutrition Facts label, giving manufacturers and brand owners a valuable opportunity to educate consumers and refresh and grow their brands.
Smart brands know that the root cause of the nutrition facts panel update is not political. It’s consumer-driven. There’s a groundswell need for greater transparency and education surrounding the food industry.
Boomers, Millennials, Gen Z. Across generations and demographics, there’s no doubt of the collective shift in attitude people are demonstrating when it comes to healthy lifestyle choices.
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