We offer a wide, comprehensive range of elastomer sleeves and printing plates and are currently the only flexo supplier in the world to offer fiber laser for XXL sleeves up to a full 3 m width to produce jumbo sleeves that deliver HD-premium quality printing results. We produce laser engraved singe-layer and two-layer rubber sleeves with a variable wall thickness and provide thin and classic sleeves for endless seamless motives as well. The sleeves have an optimal ink transfer and relief depths up to 5 mm. We also offer a wide range of Elastomer rubbers — more than 30 rubber materials, including EPDM, SBR, NBR and Silicone with varying degrees of shore hardness – and are able to deliver greater flexibility and — with an undercut engraving — less dot gain when printing the first tones. Extreme Long Life Sleeves High Speed, Efficiency and Productivity Reduced Set-up Time Undercut of First Printing Tones for Less Dot Gain Less Tolerances 20% Waste Reduction and Quicker Registration HD-Premium Quality with Screening Width up to 70 lcpm Printing Circumference 150 – 1500 mm Sleeve width 100 – 3400 mm