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One of the hottest topics in the food, beverage and dietary supplement industries, for both producers and advertisers, remains the disclosure of genetically modified organisms, or 'GMOs,' in these products.
Plant-based food producers don’t want to be forced to drop words such as “milk,” “cheese” or “ice-cream” from the labels of their products, so they are looking for solutions that would allow them to resolve labeling challenges on their own terms.
The beer industry group, which represents small-scale beer-makers, is now offering up a seal to its members. The label comes at a time when there is increasing confusion around craft beers in the marketplace.
In May 2016, FDA issued final rules to implement changes to the nutrition labeling and serving size regulations.
NEW YORK (AP) — A new labeling rule could change how much fiber is listed for some snack bars and cereals.
The idea of a “clean label" continues to grow as an appealing aspect of food and beverage products. This is a consumer-driven movement as consumers increasingly insist upon “real foods" that are natural, include nothing artificial, and have a short list of
Two Ontario grocers, Longo’s and Farm Boy, are using the Flashfood app to notify customers when food nearing its “best before” date goes on sale, according to Progressive Grocer. Users can pay for the food through the app, then pick it up that same day...
May began with the Trump administration’s decision to relax national school lunch rules on sodium, whole grains, and milk.
The Food and Drug Administration is considering a delaying implementation of a revamped nutrition facts panel on retail goods.
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