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New York City has agreed not to move forward with its plan to begin enforcing federal guidelines requiring restaurant chains and retail food outlets to post calorie counts on menus ahead of the government's May 2018 enforcement date.
The Food and Drug Administration issued a rule to be published in the Federal Register which grants enforcement discretion for the use and labeling of ultrafiltered milk in all standardized cheeses and related cheese products covered by the federal standar
The new Food Recovery Act (H.R. 3444) could become the first national food waste policy could have numerous implications for several sectors of the U.S economy.
Health claims on food have become a tricky business lately, as consumers are now more aware of what they are eating and require more transparency from manufacturers.
As consumer values continue to evolve beyond price and convenience, grocers have raced to meet increasingly nuanced demand for healthy, environmentally sustainable and ethically created food.
Pursuant to its mandate under the Food and Drugs Act, Health Canada is responsible for setting safety and nutritional quality standards for all foods sold in Canada.
On January 19, 2017, USDA’s Food Safety & Inspection Service (FSIS) released a proposed rule to revise its nutrition labeling requirements for meat and poultry products to reflect current scientific research and dietary recommendations.
Healthy ingredients like ancient grains and fermented foods and lifestyles centered on wellness and well-being, like vegan and paleo, are setting food expectations for generations to come, according to a new study by Packaged Facts.
Americans want it all. They want food that tastes great, is healthy, can be eaten anywhere, satisfies their hunger and isn’t made with questionable ingredients.
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