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A new study from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia found the average American eats enough salt each day to damage the heart muscle and make it harder to pump blood, according to Reuters. The typical intake is roughly two...
42% of adults specifically look for “sugar” on nutritional labels, which is 2.2% higher than in 2006.
Sales of conventional products are declining, while those advertising themselves as being simple, clean, sustainable and free of artificial ingredients are on the rise, according to recent Nielsen analysis.
Researchers have suggested that the addition of Nutrient Rich Food Indices to food labels could help consumers make healthier purchasing decisions.
Featuring “clean” product attributes on labels is paying off handsomely across a wide array of food, beverage and other CPG/FMCG categories, Nielsen data confirm.
About 60% of Americans have discussed the meanings of date labels on foods in their household, according to a poll conducted by the Grocery Manufacturers Association
Continuing NAMA's positive work on Calorie Disclosure, the association co-led a recent effort with Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA); SNAC International; National Association of Confectioners (NCA) and American Beverage Association (ABA)...
A new poll finds that many American consumers are having issues with date labels on their food products.
06 Jul 2017 — British multinational alcoholic beverages company, Diageo has expanded its nutritional labeling initiative to Ireland's number one selling beer making Guinness the first brand to supply full information about nutrition and alcohol on 500ml...
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